Incandescent Monitor

SpectrumView Incandescent light monitors

Analog light for the digital world.

“Use discernment but return to the light.“ Lao Tzu

SpectrumView Solar monitor

What is light?

“The Light of Nature is of two species: the good and the evil.” – Paracelsus

The Light of nature has been studied since antiquity with ample degrees of width and depth. Nevertheless, the light that we can perceive with our physical eyes can be sorted into two categories: The Incandescent which is light that emits an radiating source of infrared heat, and the luminescent “cold light” that does not come from an infrared heat source.

mexican sunset

Photons from Sunsets and vacuum incandescent bulbs are infrared rich sources.

For most of our history, the only source of light we perceived came from incandescent sources, because the light from the sun, the moon, the stars and fire is incandescent. Incandescent light is rich in infrared light that promotes cell regeneration, but now we are surrounded by luminescent light, a type of light that during our history we very rarely saw, but now we are continuously exposed to this type of light mostly from digital displays.

“And He created the jinn from a smokeless flame of fire.“ – Surah 55:15

Digita display luminescent photons are produced from a purple light (black light) coated with phosphor.

“Be careful, that the light within you is not darkness.“ – Jesus of Nazareth

It is known that continuous exposure to luminescent light from digital displays provokes cell degeneration and photochemical reactions in the eye tissue, and can cause permanent damage to the sight. ¹  Routine exposure to digital luminescent photons cause sight strain and interfere with the pineal gland, a very important gland located at the center of our head intimately stimulated by light, ²  daily LED  luminescent photon exposure from digital screens can also shorten your life and cause brain neurodegeneration. ³   LED chips create a beam of non-uniform light energy, unlike anything ever seen in nature previously, this non-uniform surface source light energy interferes with the human nervous system.   Digital luminescent light is very useful for some applications, but when it comes to spectral and photon quality, it is matchless to incandescent, no filter can change the nature of a luminescent light source, because you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

light waves

The SpectrumView monitor has its back side translucent, when its placed in front of a window during the day, Sunlight makes the pixels in the display shine like prisms, making the content be clear from sunrise to sunset even in cloudy days. When there are no Sunlight photons available, the SpectrumView electro-incandescent box is magnetically attached in the back of the monitor and illuminates the content evenly, providing high quality infrared rich chromatically vibrant 100% Color Rendering Index electro-incandescent photons.

SpectrumView Incandescent light monitors

The SpectrumView 21.5″ monitor retro-illuminated by the electro-incandescent light box.

SpectrumView monitor

Incandescent photons alleviate strained sight, increase mental focus, extends online productivity, and multiplies offline creativity. Electro-incandescence has high quality photons like the Sun, excellent for visually intensive and demanding activities like photo and video editing, programming, data analysis, art making, etc…

“The medium is the message.” – Marshall McLuhan

srgb gamut

A typical luminescent monitor gamut: Inside the colored triangle represents colors that the monitor can display. The horseshoe-shaped surrounding gray area represents colors Humans can see, but that the monitor cannot show.

The SpectrumView monitor contains all wavelengths visible to the eye.

The SpectrumView daylight retro-illuminated pixels.

Light spectrum samples:

light spectrums

Observable color gamut from a white LED MacBook Pro display.

Incandescent color gamut

Observable color gamut from a SpectrumView electro-incandescent display.

“Be your own light.“ – Gautama Buddha

SpectrumView monitor

The SpectrumView monitor is made of high quality kiln dried bee-wax polished wood, detachable copper standing mounts, and glass backed display. The SpectrumView electro-incandescent box is double thermally protected by silent air circulation an thermal switch, the analog light dimmer makes it very easy setting light intensity to the perfect level.

All bee wax polished wood.

The infrared rich SpectrumView electro-incandescent light box (21.5″).

Video demonstration of analog light dimmer and the electro-incandescent light box (24″ previous non-detachable model).

The SpectrumView electro-incandescent light box works with both 120 or 240V at the flick of an inner switch without the need to change all bulbs, uses 8-12 incandescent bulbs (depending on the model) easily replaceable, commonly available 25 watt 120v or 240v regular E26/A19 base (bulbs included). Using only electro-incandescent photons will come at a price, but when retro-illuminated by the Sun during the day, the monitor only consumes a very small amount of electricity, and since only 25%-50% of total available electro-incandescence intensity is needed when is used at night, it will consume about the same amount of electricity as an ordinary monitor would.

In less-fortunate countries where incandescent bulbs are banned, you still can import and use the SpectrumView light box, because its a household appliance and can be exempted. When placed faced down, it can also be used as an excellent cured meat dehydrator, the dimmer sets the precise infrared radiation amount while the fans circulate air gently in and out. Using the light box as cured meat dehydrator will void warranty but you can certainly do this very safely with excellent results, and if requested, the light box can be separately shipped as such.

Technical specifications:

(Works with any operating system)

21.5 1920×1080 (FullHD), 75Hz, HDMI, VGA, 178° viewing angle, VA panel, 8 bit per pixel (True color 24-bit) With temporal dithering FRC, semi-glossy, 4W, 120/240V, 58x40x3cm 2.4Kg. With electro-incandescent light box: 30-200W, 120/240V, 58x40x16cm 4.3Kg.

24 1920×1080 (FullHD), 75Hz, HDMI, VGA, 178° viewing angle, VA panel,  8 bit per pixel (True color 24-bit) Native 8 bit with no temporal dithering FRC, semi-glossy, 4.5W, 120/240V, 62x45x3cm 3.1Kg. With electro-incandescent light box: 30-200W, 120/240V, 62x45x16cm 5.5Kg.

27 2560 x 1440 (2K), 75Hz, HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, 178° viewing angle, VA panel, 8 bit per pixel (True color 24-bit) Native 8 bit with no temporal dithering FRC, semi-glossy, 5W, 120/240V, 70x51x3cm 3.9Kg. With electro-incandescent light box: 35-250W, 120/240V, 70x51x16cm 6.4Kg.

31.5 3840 x 2160 (4K), 75Hz, HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, 178° viewing angle, VA panel, 10 bit per pixel (Deep color 30-bit) Native 10 bit with no temporal dithering FRC, semi-glossy, 7W, 120/240V, 81x62x3cm 5.6Kg. With electro-incandescent light box: 40-300W, 120/240V, 81x62x16cm 8.1Kg.